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Executive iII Series has an isobaric air chamber to balance the proper air and ink supply to the printhead. This unique designed covers the ink to protect it from dust and light. Now included is our new double loop hose bracket™. Plus newly design ink system cartridges. Simple and easy to fill the ink bottles.  System incudes our new ink out sensor and pressure pump. Stops print head failure!
Simple and easy to install, Save hundreds of dollars!  
  • Our ink will blend with HP's pigment ink and does not require flushing of the print heads.
  • New fast dry pigment ink ( waterproof ), fade resistant and smudge proof.
  • This ink will not clog the print head! OEM Quality
  • Customer need to transfer the HP chips of their cartridges simple and easy no cutting chips off.
  • Included with all our systems are the accessories needed to successfully use the system.
  • All systems are pre-filled with 400 mls of Ultra Pro Pigment High Definition Ink. OEM Quality

* Ink Levels will not return to full but you can continue to print.