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Refill Kit ( Black Only )With Easy Clear Refillable Cartridges with COC Smart Chips™ Installed.

No Need to cut off the old HP chips.

  • This kit is equal to buying over 20 HP cartridges a value of $ 400.00 or more!
  • You can also use the refill station to refill the Original HP Cartridges. New style chip or old style chip.
  • 1- Large Black Refill Stations
  • 2- Easy Refillable Cartridges with Refill Clips and COC Smart Chips™ Installed
  • 1 - 240 Bottle Of Pigment black ink ( waterproof, laser sharp text)
  • 1- Refilling injectors and tips
  • 1 - Set of step by step color photo instructions
  • The ink level will not reset to full but you can still print.
Here is the way the COC™ clone chips work.
When the chips are first installed in the print head it will report that they are not HP cartridges and give you a scare warning. Click ok and the warning will go away and let you print. The ink level will report the cartridges are full then the ink level will drop just like an HP original chip. Then once the ink monitor shows all question marks most of the scare warnings will go away. Now just keep filling and printing! Our constant on chips will not stop you from printing.
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