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Continuous Ink Supply System comes filled with our New HD UV Non Clogging Ink. Same Quality As OEM Ink
No Need to cut your printer to install.
This new executive CIS is isobarically balanced and will maintains the proper air and ink supply to the print head. This unique designed covers the ink to protect from dust and light. Simple and east to refill the ink bottles.
  • 1- Pre-filled System with 400 mls of ink, Magenta, Cyan, Yellow, Pigment Black ( waterproof black ink )
  • 1 - Set of New Canon XL Cartridges Installed on the system
  • 1- Set Of Color Photo Instructions With All necessary Parts To Install The Ink System

The ink system is placed outside of the printer, only the cartridges that come with it will go in your printer. When the ink supply bottles run low on ink just add more ink it’s that simple. Our Continuous Ink System allows photo labs, design firms, offices, schools, and home users to keep printing without worrying about the high cost of ink and without having to ever buy another cartridge again! Suitable for printing high resolution photographs, fine art, calendars, stickers, brochures, flyers, paperwork, business cards and more!Our ink systems come complete with easy-to-follow instructions and are pre-filled with True Color High Definition Ink. Included with all our systems are the accessories needed to successfully use the system.

1 - Set Of " SNAP ON PURGE TOOLS " FREE - A $ 10.00 Value
( If you run the ink bottles out of ink or you have trapped air in the ink lines from lack of use, just snap on the tool and draw back filling the cartridge and removing air from the ink lines. )
Simple and easy to install, Save hundreds of dollars!

Beware of this before you purchase the ink system. Ink levels will not reset to full. This is not needed with an ink system. Ink monitor shut off instructions included.


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