Why HP's Officejet Pro 8000 and 8500 printheads fail. Why HP Officejet pro 8000,8500 printheads fail

Printhead Break Through!

Our new ink can now save your printhead from early failure.

No more cutting chips off the HP cartridges just remove the chip cap and place it on our new designed cartridge.

Simple and Easy!

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Last update: 07/09/2011


* If the printhead is completely shut down you can try this method to clear out the sludge.

This does require some skill

See Video

Here are some new updated photos. After cleaning out the printhead and refilling it with ink we installed it back into the printer and it worked just like new. We will be testing this printhead to see how long it will work. 


We removed the printhead clip

Clip removed

Pull up and remove the top

Careful not to lose the tiny bearings

Rinse out and fill the printhead with cleaner

Flush out the printhead with hot water and air

Run very hot water to flush out any sludge

Fill both chambers with ink and snap top on

Press clip back onto the printhead body

Support printhead so not to touch the table

Let the printhead weep ink until it stops weeping

Before installing wipe off the printhead

Install back in the printer and do a few cleanings
















Why HP's Officejet Pro 8000 and 8500 940 printheads can fail







Printers using HP 940 cartridges should use a pigment ink for all colors including Black.


 2. Printers using HP 88 cartridges use a dye base ink for color and a pigment for Black.



Ink sludge build up from mixing different types of inks.

* Our new ink can break up this sludge.

Warning! Do not use a dye base ink in the HP Officejet Pro 8000, 8500 models they where designed for pigment ink.

Mixing different types of ink can cause ink sludge to build up and it will shut down the printhead.

This style of print engine has been around for almost 10 years. These printers use individual cartridges and printheads. We invented the first auto refill system for this type of print engine.

Update: We now have a tool that will clean and fill the print head.


































































































Used for priming and cleaning the HP print head.

  • 1 - Snap On Print head Priming Tool
  • 1 - Ink Supply Funnel
  • 2- Ink Supply Syringes and 3 Inch Blunt Tips
  • 1 - 30 ML Vacuum Syringe
  • Includes Step By Step Color Photo Instructions
  • The HP 940 and 88 print head loses ink volume over time and will no longer print correctly. This amazing priming tool will refill the print head with ink.
  • Save and revitalize your print head











Quick Fill Station

No need to remove these oversize

 cartridges to refill then.



Continuous Ink System

 with Out Of Ink Sensor




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