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Epson Ink Refilll Kit For Workforce 3720

This Product is on hold.

Epson has locked many of their new printers and it can not be rolled back. They have stopped many aftermarket chips. They forced the customer to only buy only their cartridges. Now Epson added a statement to their new printers warning customers that they can not purchase any aftermarket products. So you have no option. People need to call Epson and complain about this practice. Epson has screwed a lot of people with this unfair practice. They have stopped many aftermarket chips for the American market.

  • Canon has never lock any printer out!
  • Buy a Canon Maxify MB2720 ( $ 99.00 ) or MB5420
  • 1. no cartridges to refill
  • 2. no cartridges to buy
  • 3. no cartridges to remove
  • 4. no chips to deal with or reset.
  • The best printer we have tested in our 20 years

we have a school that has 100 of them and printed 60,000 sheets without one problem. So far we have sold over 2,500 CIS that we designed.


  • Refill Kits That Work!
  • Models: Epson Workforce WF-3720
  • 702 Cartridges
  • Our Ultra Pro True Color ink will blend with Epson's ink and does not require flushing of the print heads. 
  • Fade Resistant, Smudge Proof Ink.
  • Our Ink Will Not Clog Your Printhead Guaranteed!
  • All Refill Tools Included Makes Refilling Simple and Easy.



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Deluxe Epson Ink Refill Kit With 702 XL Refillable Cartridge, Extra Set COC Smart Chips, Ultra Pro True Color Ink
SKU: 963
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