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Dye Sublimation Ultra Pro True Color Inks™

New formulation just released! Used in Epson, Epson ET, Sawgrass, Ricoh Printers

Our American made " Ultra Pro True Color Dye Sublimation Ink " prints roll to roll or sheet to sheet with a consistent color match. Our quality control techniques including surface tension, viscosity, pH, conductivity, specific gravity, and color match by spectrophotometer. We test new ink in real-time test modes. Our compatible inks are rigorously tested to meet and exceed the highest customer expectations through means of ISO 24711 and other print-performance criteria.

Features: Optimal print quality sharp with vibrant colors

•    Crisp prints with the best view of the details
•    Excellent image quality and excellent color saturation on a variety of papers
•    Vivid colors and excellent resistance to water
•    Consistent and reliable from batch to batch guaranteed
•    2-year shelf life 
•    Sublimates perfectly at the correct temperatures
•    Prints perfectly without cleaning after 6 weeks of sitting idle (cleaning the print head is NOT required)
•    Dense rich colors with less ink to produce certain ranges of color
•    Dries quickly after printing 

 * Sublimation ink is used for heat transfer, not general printing.


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