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Dye Sublimation Ultra Pro True Color Inks™

New formulation just released! Used in Epson, Sawgrass, Ricoh Printers

Our American made " Ultra Pro True Color Dye Sublimation Ink " prints roll to roll or sheet to sheet with a consistent color match. Our quality control techniques including surface tension, viscosity, pH, conductivity, specific gravity, and color match by spectrophotometer. We test new ink in real-time test modes. Our compatible inks are rigorously tested to meet and exceed the highest customer expectations through means of ISO 24711 and other print-performance criteria.

Features: Optimal print quality sharp with vibrant colors

•    Crisp prints with the best view of the details
•    Excellent image quality and excellent color saturation on a variety of papers
•    Vivid colors and excellent resistance to water
•    Consistent and reliable from batch to batch guaranteed
•    2-year shelf life 
•    Sublimates perfectly at the correct temperatures
•    Prints perfectly without cleaning after 6 weeks of sitting idle (cleaning the print head is NOT required)
•    Dense rich colors with less ink to produce certain ranges of color
•    Dries quickly after printing 

 We do not offer ICC profiles with our ink.  Why? There are many printers, different types and weight of sublimation paper, different styles of heat presses also there are many types of substrates that can be used, like textiles, T-shirts, ceramics (mugs), glass, key chains, identification tags, auto license plates, polyester mouse pads, coasters), and coated metal, and many more. Color correction profiles for dye sublimation have their own unique problems. We recommend that you get a custom profile made for your printer. There are plenty of companies that make custom ICC profiles or sell the software.  Our ink is American made and the very best quality and should not need a profile.

* Sublimation ink is used for heat transfer, not general printing.


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