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New Products! 

All products are tested and Built In The U.S.A.

Black Tower Ink Tank Refill System For Canon TS9020, TS8020, TS5020, TS6020 

  Exclusive! new memory hose helps with hose travel 

  Black Tower ink level viewer can easily detect low ink levels

  Ink  tank has an isobaric air chamber to balance the proper air and ink supply to the printhead

  CIS ink tank will  protect the ink  from dust and light

  COC Smart Chip technology™ that reduces over cleaning of the print head.

  All systems are pre-filled with Ultra Pro True Color Dye base ink. OEM Quality ink that will never clog the print head.


Click Here - Ink Refill Kits * Black Tower Ink Tank Refill System * American Made Ink! Save hundreds of dollars on your printing.

Black Tower Ink Tank Refill System™ For HP Officejet 7510 Wide Format Printer

  • Latest Ink System Technology - It will recharge the HP print head. 
  • Ultra-Pro® ink is a pigment base ink. Resin encapsulation insulates the pigment particle making it better then the traditional pigment inks.
  • The system is pre-filled with 480 mls of our Ultra Pro® Pigment ink. (OEM Quality)
  • The system comes with COC Smart Chip Technology™ (Latest chipset installed)
  • Our Black Tower will protect the ink from dust and light.
  • Very simple to refill just like filling your gas tank!


Black Tower Ink Tank Refill System™ For Brother MFC-J885DW Printer

Our New! Black Tower Ink Refill System has an isobaric air chamber to balance the proper air and ink supply to the printhead and now includes our new auto-refill CIS cartridges with built-in backflow chamber™. No need to have external backflow dampers. Plus oversized micro screen and poppet valve that shuts off the ink so it will not leak out the cartridges when they are removed. 

  • Comes with our COC Smart Chips Installed. No needs to transfer the Brother chips to the ink cartridges.
  • Black Tower ink level viewer can easily detect ink levels
  • Pre-filled with 480 MLS of our Ultra Pro True Color American Made Ink™

simple and easy to install, Save hundreds of dollars!


XXL Quick Fill Station Replaces Brother LC 203, LC 205, LC 207, LC 201 Cartridges
Kit Includes:
4 - 130 ml bottles of Ultra Pro True color ink™  Yellow,  Magenta,  Cyan, Pigment Black [ Waterproof ink ]
1 - Quick Fill  XXL Super Size Refillable Cartridges With COC Smart Chip™ Installed. No chip resetter required!
4 - Syringes with refill tips for filling the cartridges.
1 - Custom door override [ Door must be left open but cartridges are protected for dust entering the cartridges
Includes step by step color photo instructions.
It is simple and easy just fill the cartridge in the printer
Our new Quick Fill Cartridges that hold more ink then any original Brother cartridge.
When using our COC smart chip™ The ink level will be reset back to full.