Build It Yourself CIS For HP 63, 64, 65 Cartridges

Build It Yourself CIS For HP 63, 64, 65 Cartridges
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  • Build It Yourself HP CIS Kit 
  • Parts included with the kit:
  • For best results customer should use Orginal HP Cartridges 
  • Pre-assembled ink tank with 4 -70 ml bottle of Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, Black, PG Black
  • Our new memory hose helps with hose travel [ This is our new non-clogging hose ]
  • Cartridge building clips  ( the can also be used to store the HP cartridges ) 
  • Ink  tank has an isobaric air chamber to balance the proper air and ink supply to the printhead
  • The ink tank will  protect the ink  from dust and light
  • Complete set of syringes to fill the ink tank
  • Included with our " build it yourself kit" is all the parts needed to build your own ink tank refill system
  • Our Ultra Pro True Color Ink is OEM Quality matched ink that will never clog the print head.
  • Complete Color Photo Instructions
  • Save Hundreds of dollars $$
  • ** Watch video before purchasing. This product is nonreturnable.  Customer must have the ability to build the product. Look at the printer in the video to see if your printer is similar if not you will have to figure how to route the hose All parts used can be transferred to a replacement cartridge should your cartridge fail.
  • ** Ink levels will not reset to full. This is not needed with a CIS ink system.