Canon Maxify Emplty 1200 Refillable Cartridges

Canon Maxify Emplty 1200 Refillable Cartridges
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Refillable Cartridges For Canon MAXIFY MB2720, MB2120, MB2320, MB2020

Note: No chip resetter is required and there is no need to turn off the ink monitor. Resets the ink level to allow the printer to keep printing after every refill.

  • 1 - Complete Set of 1200 refillable cartridges with COC Smart chips installed. Magenta, Cyan, Black, Yellow
We can not guarantee print quality because of the different inks that may be used. Failure to fill the cartridges can damage the chip. Do not mix with Other brands or Canon OEM cartridges. All cartridges with chips will be tested before Shipping! 
* Customer should be aware that refillable cartridges are not returnable because of the quality of ink that may be used  We warrantee against a chip defect for 30 days only.

We recommend this product, no more cartridges to refill.  see link and video. No need to fill or remove the cartridges and no chips to reset ever!

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