HP 711 XXL High Capacity Black Chips / 1 Set

HP 711 XXL High Capacity Black Chips / 1 Set

New XXL Super  High Capacity COC™ Chips for use on HP 711 cartridges.

1- Black set of COC Clone Chips™

Here is the way they work.

When our COC™ clone chips are first installed in the printer HP's firmware will report they are not HP OEM cartridges and give you a scare warning. Click ok and the warning will go away and let you print. The COC Clone chips™ are very stable not like ARC chips. The ink level will report the cartridges are full then the ink level will drop and the exclamation mark will show up. Now is the correct time to fill the cartridge and replace the clone chip. Simple and easy peel off the old chip and stick the new chip back on. Then the ink monitor will show a full cartridge. If you let the printer keep printing after it shows the exclamation mark the printer will go into ink system failure.

Please note chips are tested and certified before shipping.



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