CIS For Canon Pixma TS9520, TS9520C Printer

CIS For Canon Pixma TS9520, TS9520C Printer
3.00 -


  • CIS Black Tower Continuous Ink Refill System™ 
  • Ink level viewer can easily detect low ink levels in the tank.
  • Ink tank has an isobaric air chamber to balance the proper air and ink supply to the printhead
  • Ink tank will  protect the ink  from dust and light
  • *** CIS cartridges with COC smart chips installed. Unlimited Chip.
  • The ink systems come complete with easy-to-follow instructions.
  • Included in all our systems are the accessories needed to successfully install the ink system.
  • All systems are pre-filled with Ultra True Color ink. OEM Quality ink that will never clog the print head.

Extra Ink

A Set of Canon XXL Cartridges cost $ 142.95. Our CIS Ink Tank System is equal to buying 6 sets of XXL cartridges at a cost of $ 857.75
Save hundreds of dollars!   
*** How our new COC Smart chip works. When the ink level goes down and shows the red X you will turn off the ink monitor, and allow you to print unlimited. The ink tower shows the ink level and when to fill it back up. Simple and Easy!