Deluxe CIS For Canon Pixma TS9120, TS8120, TS8220 Printers

Deluxe CIS For Canon Pixma TS9120, TS8120, TS8220 Printers
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  • Click here for  new designed CIS
  • Deluxe CIS Black Tower Continuous Ink Refill System™ 
  • Black Tower ink level viewer can easily detect low ink levels in the tank.
  • Ink tank has an isobaric air chamber to balance the proper air and ink supply to the printhead
  • The ink tank will  protect the ink  from dust and light
  • New low profile auto-refill CIS cartridges with XXL smart chips installed.
  • Easy to replace XXL Smart chips then the ink level will be reset back to full.
  • 1 - Extra Set of Smart Chips Black, Magenta, Cyan, Yellow, PB Blue, PG Black
  • The ink systems come complete with easy-to-follow instructions.
  • Included in all our systems are the accessories needed to successfully install the ink system.
  • All systems are pre-filled with Ultra True Color ink. OEM Quality ink that will never clog the print head.
A Canon XXL Color Cartridge cost $ 26.95, A Canon PCI Large Black Cartridge Cost $ 34.95 Total Set Cost $ 169.70
With our CIS the average cost with chip and ink is $ 13.95 per color. Less then haft the price of a Canon XXL cartridge

Save hundreds of dollars!