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We have been asked many times why we do not show how pleased our customers are with our products or service. Over the last 30 years, we have pleased many customers with our top quality products.

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Thank you for the help in getting my Canon MB5120 back to running condition.  I am very happy with your products and services.  When I am looking for another printer, I check to see if inkproducts.com makes ink for that printer.  If they do, then I will purchase the printer, if not then I DO NOT purchase the printer.  Ink is one of the most expensive items for the ink jet printer and I want to spend my money on the great product.  Again, I am very happy with inkproducts.com company.

John K.

To whom it may concern,
Following your video instructions on YouTube, I bought your Printheads Priming
Tool and I must offer you a big Thank You for this product, which saved my 28
various printheads, therefore a lot of grief and money. This kit worked right
away, as advertised. My two 5500 DesignJets are back to work.
Many thanks,





Dear Jamie & everyone there,

My new magenta cartridge was received at last and connected to the CIS.Then I primed & reinstalled all the CIS cartridges. After having been “asleep” for a while awaiting these repairs, my Canon MB2320 “came to life” and produced some test prints, using the file you recommended I create.The prints came out great! Looks like I’m back in business, thanks to your excellent products, and especially your outstanding customer service and technical support!

Warm regards,

  Your appreciative and grateful customer,



Hello Guys from inkproduct!) I received my order. Just want to say thank you for your great service and product!🤝 You recommended me to buy Canon Maxify and it works fantastic👍

Best regards from Alex, Los Angeles.



I have been Purchasing from Inkproducts for years and I have always been happy
with them- great service. 1st time writing a review- (Don't know why it has
taking me so long tp thank them). They have always answered all my questions and
direct me on what printers to buy so I can save money- They even helped me on a
printer problem because ( Epson Technical support is useless) .Thank you guys
for all your Hard work .



Hello !

I just wanted to say just how helpful the videos on Youtube that.InkProducts has done has been such a huge and grateful help !   I am
a new beginner that just started playing around with dye-sub printing, and now starting to really get our very small family shop
started.  You guys have been a big, big help!

We kinda drove off with the Sawgrass packages, and their customer service has been "ok",...but the time ya'll spend on the videos is
way, way better than theirs.  We did not like when Sawgrass updated their print drives last year, (as we updated before knowing the
limits this would place on our ink sources),...but belive me that we really follow the blogs much more closely now.

I had noticed that you do preform some services on various printers. Not sure of any spare part inventories you might have, as I was
looking for a small replacement USB connection door for the SG400.  But I definitely wanted to take a second and thank for all
the help you do with us "newbys" !   Its been a big help !
Thanks again !
M  Cook


Thank you so much!

I turned the yellow chip right side up and my printer is working. Thank you for answering my email with a phone call. I haven't had such great customer service anywhere for a very long time. I am excited to put your product to use, AND, to recommend it to others.


S L. Willis



Bought one of your kits for brother LC10x  carts and it worked great! Filled up 3 sets of cartridges and they all work perfect, the programmer even worked on the XXL black LC109 cartridge I have. Thanks so much!



 Great Refill Kit
I purchased refill kit for Canon 243/244. This is an absolutely great kit. Not really messy at all to refill. Refilled cartridges working perfectly. Thank you and I will be a returning customer. M Lee


Jim Williams just left a new 5-star review of Inkproducts:

I continue to be impressed by Inkproducts.com's service. I bought a CIS, a chip
resetter, and a bunch of ink from them. EVERY TIME I have had a question, Tom
has patiently offered expert advice that has been spot on. My experience has
been 100% positive with inkproducts.com and I recommend them highly. Tom is a
real expert, returns calls promptly, and shows concern for his customers.

Invoice Number:                    
Request for technical help:        Continuous Ink System
Printer Model:                     Epson WF 3620

Subject:                           Conversation 5-22-19
To Tom: Thank you for your time and conversation yesterday concerning the "frying" of my chips on the refillable cartridges I purchased from you. You have educated me to the rights and wrongs of Epson and how they are screwing us as the public but taking business owners as yourself as well. I will purchase the Cannon Maaxify as you suggested. Thank you for being such a good human being. Jeanette Woods





Request for technical help:        Refill kit
Printer Model:                     wf-2760

Subject:                           Just wanted to say thanks
incredible customer support - not only solved the problem, but gave me good options for improvement!

- Howard nea Jacksonville, FL




Request for technical help:        Continuous Ink System
Printer Model:                     Epson WF 7710

Subject:                           THANKS!!!!!
Tom, Thank you for taking all the time, and your patience, working with me to fix the problem.  I was sure Epson had locked me out of 3rd party cartridges.  After we hung up I had to run the head cleaning twice to get all the colors to show but all is back to normal -- AND NO MORE EPSON UPDATES.  :-)  You folks are great.  


Subject:                           Just a note of thanks.
Just a note to say how delighted I am with the Continuous Ink System for my Canon MP5120.
Installation was easy (your video was very clear) and I LOVE:
 - having so much ink = fewer times to refill
 - highly visible ink level = no need to trust the "ink low"
   warning or open the printer to see the ink levels.
 - large fill hole - much easier to fill, cleaner, no ink
   "bubble up" I got filling cartridges.
It is working great, the product quality is first-rate and the price is fantastic - saves me a FORTUNE on ink.
Regards, BrianV





Subject:                           Thank You
Received my CIS the day before Thanksgiving. It had to wait until Sunday afternoon to be installed and, I was dreading it. It turned out to be a straightforward, easy install and I am quite satisfied. I do have a clogged print head from the previous ink I was using and hope to address that this evening.

Thank you for the quick service and a quality product.

Extremely satisfied !!

Robert Schultz 

Wanted to let you know I received the Cannon MB2720 printer you recommended and now have your bulk ink kit installed on it. I just can say how happy I am with your recommendation. After all the problem with the HP products. I will never have anything but a Cannon. You have a customer for life.
Thanks again
Gene Bussart

   I'm Happy!
Just wanted to send a quick thanks and to let you know that the cartridge kit and ink are working flawlessly. I didn't receive any notices that I was installing non-Canon cartridges and am thankful for your guidance in selecting this printer. I haven't had to refill any cartridges yet, but I am sure that it shouldn't be a problem. Again thanks.
Hello Inkproducts,
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the service you have rendered my family. I contacted you with a problem with my Black Tower CISS for my HP 6978. The black was just not printing well at all, sporadically at best. Scott helped me to troubleshoot, and we arrived at the conclusion that the CISS black cartridge had become defective after we ran it dry of ink. He had me to go out and buy a new black cartridge from the store to make sure our conclusion was correct, and it was. He then had me ship the new cartridge to him so that he could DESIGN a new CISS cartridge for my system (we used the large rather than the small cartridge)! It arrived back at my home in a very timely manner. I installed it with the provided instructions, and it worked immediately. All this, at no cost to me other than the initial cartridge and shipping. Thank you so much Inkproducts. You have provided us continued use of your wonderful invention. Again, thank you for everything.
MY REVIEW: Great Ink Products !!! Great Staff !!! Great Help !!!   Purchased Refillable carts for Epson WF-7110 worked great for 8 months. When I had a glitch they answered the phone and gave me the info I needed. They Stepped Up and gave me the answers to my questions. And that was with patience and understanding that my investment was very important to me. I have purchased other refillable carts from them in the past. I experienced the same great help that time too. These machines are complicated and when they work right we take it for granted. One glitch and our printing world is over!!!  They take the time to know the machine and help you make it work with videos, instructions and verbal help. Thank you INKPRODUCTS.COM "YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST" PERIOD... Frank Forster, USAF Retired / Artist 
Last name:                         Cash
Request for technical help:        Refill kit
Printer Model:                     HP Office Jet Pro 6978

Subject:                           Product Review
Just received my refill kit and used it for the first time.
We at Kern
RussCo feel motivated to congratulate inkproducts.com for an incredible product. This kit requires very little mechanical understanding to use and is by far the most cost effective device we have ever seen anywhere. Rather than spending an hour driving to a supply store and spending >$100 on cartridges, we were able to use this kit in a matter of minutes on all 4 colors. After 2-3 test/alignment pages and a single paper towel, we were back in action. Inkproducts.com has exemplified the ingenuity, efficiency, and self sufficiency of working Americans, and USA as a nation. Outstanding work. Well done!
This product was designed a built by Scott

I received the new
chip sets for my WF 3640, installed them and the printer is working great again. Thank you very much, I thought I was going to have to buy a new printer. I can't believe how the printer manufactures do people after buying their products. You do a great service for people. You save me a lot of money in printing expense. Just want to say how much I appreciate you working with me on the phone to figure out the problem. Thanks again,
Rich Skaggs
Tania Erdmann
The shipping was so fast. The instructions were very clear. The YouTube videos were patiently executed and so very helpful. I had a quick question via email and I received an immediate response even on a Sunday! I dread the expense (and waste) of standard printer ink cartridges, therefore I am so thrilled to have found this product instead. It works perfectly with my Epson XP 330, just as advertised. Highly recommend. Thank you!
Thank You Note
MB Maxify 2720                     
Hi Tom, I set up my system and love it. My printer is awesome with your recommendation plus your CIS system is great. More importantly, I appreciated your candor and sincerity in helping me. You were really nice to me and friendly, I think in our day's people forget old school thinking per great customer service in wanting to help people. I like that about you as I had seen some of my qualities in you. "Plus I loved your videos and understood them." In any event, I will be buying my ink from you as well as I am wishing you more health, wealth, and prosperity for you and your loved ones. Be well Tom and thank you again. Thanks Norman James McBride
Tom, I have been a customer of your products for over 4 years now, and figure I've saved $1K at least by employing them to my printers over that time. I especially love the new chip resetter for the Canon 270/271 OEM cartridges and the accompanying kit to perform the refills...works like a dream, and print quality is perfect. I have to thank you for all the hard work you and your crew do to keep up with all the new printers coming out, it's fantastic how you continually develop products to meet those demands. If there was a Hall Of Fame for ink products YOU should be inducted... your products are top notch, and your customer service and advice always hit the mark. Great job! You're a true treasure! Mark
Love your videos and explanations...simple and easy to understand. Yours was the best out of all I viewed which was why I purchased the continuous fill system.
Cappello, R.Ph.
Some feedback about your ink. I've been using refill systems for years, tried a lot of inks and yours is consistently the best available. Lately there have been Epson Initial 786 Ink Cartridges for sale on Amazon & ebay, the kind that comes with a brand new printer. Not sure how or why so many of these got on the market, but they have been available for about a year. Your ink is a good or better than these initial cartridges!
I just installed the Ink Refill Cartridge Kit on my new Canon PIXMA MX922 printer after the first cartridges ran out and the new cartridge kit works great and it was a very easy to install, the printer works even better with great colors and excellent print alignment.     I work for a property development company so I print dozens of 8"x 11" color photos and many heavy equipment safety warning stickers every month, the Ink Refill Cartridge kit really takes the hassle and expense of have to replace cartridges every time they run out.  I recommend Inkproducts company to everyone I know and will be ordering more ink as soon as my supply runs out.
Thanks From Jay Thorson 
Hi Tom,
Just wanted to thank you for your company's work and continuous efforts on
aftermarket ink products. I'm planning to take back the printer and get one
that's compatible with aftermarket products.

Happy New Year and thanks for the quick response!

Received my order today, on time. I am impressed with the quality of the inks and system. Colors are bright, even, intense and true. Thanks for a great product. HP 5520
Gene Bussart
I sincerely appreciate the kind service I received today... from the time the call was answered by the technical support from Tom. Was ready to send the system back because I spent nearly 2 hours with the instructions in hand, trying to install the ink cartridge thinking maybe it was defective. But after calling and speaking with Tom, my pushing in points for the ink cartridge system was wrong. His patience, guidance, and instructions lead me through the install process with ease. Now I am a very happy customer. Lastly, thank you for providing this quality product and helping me to save allot of money (not purchasing Epson products monthly). All the best... warmest regards,
CV Fitzpatrick

Just like to say Thank-You for the phone conversation this morning.  Tom was VERY Helpful in solvingHello
My issue.  By printing that test page with the various settings, I was, in fact, able to pick out an even better
printing than I had done before!!
Thanks again for such an AWESOME PRODUCT!!! Canon Pro 100
Mike D
Hi Guys,
Just walked in and there was my package from you.
Great turn around time.
You guys rock!
Yours in Success,
Lyle Anderson
Thank you.
You are doing a real community service with your product. It gives us workaround for the Epson OEM ink cartridges being such a rip-off, basically, Epson abuses its customers charging so much for so little ink
Yep, I made sure the printer driver automatic update is turned off. Thank God I caught it before it updated my driver to one that's not compatible with your product.
Best Regards,
We have had our ink tank for several months now... It is incredible!!! We have already saved $100's in ink costs. You have an AMAZING product. I am surprised that you can keep up with demand! Do you have a FACEBOOK page? I want to share this product with my friends and business associates. We are REALTORs in Arizona and this is a great product for us!
Just wanted to thank you for the good service, I have the continuous ink system installed and it works flawlessly. I really love the ink, the colors are on par with Canon inks. Thanks again Chris Roberts
Tom, Just a note to say THANK YOU very much for your advice a month or so ago on my 4-month old Canon MX922. I was having a heck of a time with the printhead--cleaned it, tried all sorts of resets, but couldn't get it to work at all, and was about to give up and buy a new printer. You convinced me to call Canon and keep trying until I got a tech in the USA (not India), and, sure enough, they sent me a new printhead. The printer now works great, and I'm using your refillable tanks with the chips built in. I'm a HUGE fan of your products and am telling me friends who are disgusted with the high price of OEM cartridges to just get this setup and save piles of cash on a recurring basis. Thanks again! TOM
I just wanted to say thank you for your superb service. I had bought a CIS ink system from you and upgraded by computer to Windows 10 not knowing that it would affect the printer chip. However, you had a solution for me by getting the newly designed reset chips. As you told me, it was very easy to peel off the old ones and place the new ones in. Now, my printer is back to working how it should and I'm once again a happy customer. Thanks for the time to spent explaining everything over the phone and the quick turn around service in getting the new chips out to me!
I Just wanted to say thank you. I received my product today and was very skeptical about the whole thing. I came home and the package was on my door step with the ink. I proceeded to read the instructions which a 5-year-old can understand and proceeded by filling all my cartridges. Upon installing them was a little nervous but I started printing. Everything is working great. So thank you again for a great product for a great price and best of all thank you for all the savings. Peter Biesterveld A customer for life. Have a great day.
Just installed your CIS system for Epson XP-860. Wow! Great instructions, easy setup, works exactly as described. No more $9000 per gallon Epson ink cartridges for me! Thanks so much! Ricky
Glad I bought my CISS [ Canon Pixma MX922 ]
Hello! I just wanted to tell you how happy I am to have stumbled across your CISS installation tutorial video on YouTube a few month ago. I had no idea continuous ink systems existed. I ordered it immediately and with the help of the YouTube tutorial, installation was a breeze. I was worried that the feed tubes would get stuck during printing but they don't! I am thrilled with the money and time saving benefits of your product and even better, there is practically NO waste! (That said, when the ink refill bottles are empty, could you reuse them if I rinse them and return them to you?) I figured it might be nice for you to hear from a very happy customer! Sincerely, Kelly P
Compliments: Epson Workforce 2660
Thank You for your help with my refillable ink cartridge problem. I received the Executive Ink Tank System™For Epson Workforce, WF-2660 Printer on 11/27/15 and installed it. It took me 5 days to get the ink primed in the cartridges and the print heads and had to continually reset the cartridge chips many times, but I finally got the system to work correctly. It was a little tricky and I ended up with ink all over the place, but it works great. Now that I know what I am doing, it should go smoothly from here on out and you have a bulk ink customer for life. P.S. TOM, Thanks for all your help, it means a lot. Merry Christmas to you and all at inkproducts.
Hi Tom,
Thanks for the help with the COC chips and ink cartridges.... Per your instructions, I got the new cartridges filled and installed in our Canon MX 892 printer, and all is well....
I'm attaching the first print from a scanned magazine cover.....
Thanks for the great products, and great support!
-Taylor Collins
The Product I purchase is the Continuous-ink-Supply-System- CISS- For -Epson -Artisan-1430 and it work very will. Your customer service is great. The ink is better than the (genuine) ink. When I did a photo it look amazing. I will till all my friends. I will be back to by more ink when I run low. Thank you Ernie From New Jersey
Just wanted to send a message and say Thank you for selling something that worked. Just filled my current HP cartridges up and the printer works fine have your replacements filled and ready for back up. This is a HUGE savings for me. 2 black cartridges at the big box store is $55.00 plus tax and your whole kit was only $88.00 so I figure a saving of $200.00 or more. Because of the amount of times I can refill. Great product. Keep up the good work.
You, folks, are geniuses!!   IT WORKS ..... and the very first time! Hooray! After a year and a half of pain and anguish with the CIS System - not to mention my third Epson in the same time frame - this is WONDERFUL! I had so much extra ink. I stuck with the Epson XP410 because we are full-time RV wanderers and its the only printer with all the functions that fits the space we have. THANK YOU and I'll be back for supplies as needed. I appreciate the Good clear instructions,too.
A very happy Sandy C
Thanks again.
I have one little question. Now that I have installed the system (which was easy!), do you have a recommendation how to store the original ink cartridges? For now I have them sealed in a plastic bag.
By the way, I think your ink looks BETTER than the HP (genuine) ink!
Just wanted to say thanks for a great product!! Filled my first one today and it's super easy and works great!!! I appreciate the great service!!! Thanks, again!! Janet
Just wanted to thank you for such great customer service. You guys really do stand behind your product, which is a hard thing to find these days. I appreciate the time you guys took to help solve the issue with my HP 8620. We will do business again, and I will recommend your product to friends and family! Thank You Chaz Nummela
Just wanted to thank you for the quick shipping and great product. I ordered online on Thursday morning at setting on a shelf for probably 3 years. I found that I didn't have cartridges for it and immediately went online and found you guys. I was familiar with refillable carts and have been using them for a long time in an Epson R280. I wasn't able to complete the first step of the instructions about the nozzle check since the 835 was showing three colors needing replacing and I was out of carts. I was apprehensive to install the refill station without performing this first step since it was pretty obvious from the bold red print it was important. With fingers crossed along with a little prayer I skipped the step and installed anyway. The cart slid right into place and snapped perfectly with one easy press. The first test print and nozzle check was flawless. Thanks again!!! I will be using you for all my ink needs and spreading the word.10:30am. Wasn't expecting the package in the mail until Monday or later. To my surprise, two days later, it was in the mailbox. GREAT JOB! This printer was a spare that had been
Glowing Testimonial
Hello!! I can't tell you how thrilled I am to be able to fill the ink cartridges for our new Canon MX922 home printer using your handy system. We have a heavy-duty Canon PIXMA at workon line was discouraging, as it appeared there were no resetters for this printer, or any user-friendly way to do refills (other than buying new sets of chips to affix to the cartridges--which is dodgy and designed to be discouraging). Somehow I just knew there had to be a way, and happily finally landed on your site. Your step-by-step video instruction is excellent, and very user-friendly. As I was already an old hand at working with cartridges, there were only a few adaptations to be aware of to get your system down pat. Our printer accepted the ink immediately, and the colors were true. Thank you so much for providing this cost-effective alternative to cartridge price gouging. My advice to everyone is: if a refill method is available for your printer, absolutely go for it!! We have a friend who worked for HP designing copiers and other machines, and he said that that all the copy manufacturers could make it possible for consumers to easily refill the ink cartridges themselves--but that there was no money in it; their huge profit margin is not based on selling copiers--which they generally sell at a loss--but on locking people into buying expensive cartridges, ad infinitum!,where I am responsible for all our photography, graphic design and printing. I was taught by my predecessor how to fill the ink cartridges, which requires a specific resetter. I have to buy the six individual colors we use by the quart, as we use that much, so I am constantly refilling cartridges. Naturally, I assumed there would be an equivalent system for our personal printer. At first, researching it
Stephanie V.
Tom, just wanted to write and thank you for your help and for so many good video helps. I finished converting my WF 7620 to WF 7620 CFS and it works great (after replacing the plugged lines). I converted all the printers where i work to use the refill cartridges and has been working great for the last two years. Occasionally folks will run the cartridges dry and get air in the print heads and they blame the cartridges but i explain the real problem. I don't know how folks afford to print without you. :-)
I purchased your COC-Smart-Chips for using with my HP 6600 printer. I am writing to say THANK YOU. I had the same problem with two HP 6600 printers, the first one went bad and I attempted to repair with no success little did I know it was HP, not me that was the problem, programed obsolescence had caused the print head to stop responding and then I tried to repair. So I had to buy a replacement. I then began to have the exact same problems with the second printer, but I had seen your uTube vids and checked out you web site, I then found and bought your COC chips and they have made my printer work again, it took a few hours for it to come back around but it now works, sad HP does this. But with your products I got back up and running. So again I Thank you.
Larry L.
I just wanted to thank you for sending us a new CIS system for our Canon mx922.  Everything is working so smoothly and we are very pleased. May God bless you!
For The Truth's Sake, Matt Booher
Emmanuel Baptist Church
I just wanted to let you know that I received the 4 new chips 20 minutes ago,
and now my printer (HP8610) Is working great.
Thank you very much for the excellent support.
I’ll be contacting you when I’m low on ink but I think I have enough for the next year anyways.
I’ll definitely let my friends know about you guys and your excellent service and support.
Yours respectfully,
Charlie R.
I just filled and installed the InkProducts.Com Canon Refill Kit for my MG7520. The setup took less than 15 minutes from start to finish. Photo printing looks amazing and the B&W looks like it did when when the printer was new. The price of the kit is tiny compared to the money I will save on buying cartridges. The YouTube video was very helpful in ensuring the refilling process went smoothly. Thank You
Just a short note to Thank You for the speedy handling of my order for Ink and Head Cleaner I ordered it on the 23rd of April and it has arrived on the 28th of April. That is particularly impressive since I am 3300+ miles away from you and in Canada and on the other side of North America. The previous orders of ink have done an extremely good job. I don't believe there are any better inks on the market. I have spoken to Tom on several occasion and the best description I could give of his service is "TOM CARES!"
Just wanted to say I hooked up my CISS today ,after using the old ink and printed out some photos and compared them to same ones I did with Epson Ink. I was blown away.Your ink was more true color and amazing,The skin tones I had been having problems with before are perfect now! I love love this product.Please dont change your ink it is the best I have ever seen and i have used CIS on Epson for yrs. Will be buying ink soon to make sure I dont run out. Thanks so much and the video was great!
Freda L.


Last name:   Erdmann