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Refillable Cartridges

Refillable cartridges for printers are empty capsules containing an auto reset chip or Constant On Chip. This chip works on an artificial cycle, prompting the ink monitor to read full, then gradually less and less, until reading empty. The chip then automatically resets back to full again. Our State of the art refillable cartridge allows you to turn an ordinary inkjet printer into one that is easy to refill. Simply replace the OEM cartridges with our refillable cartridges to start saving up to 90% on refill ink. Unlike OEM cartridges which are discarded once empty, our refillable cartridges have built-in ink plugs so that you can easily add ink. Remove the plug, inject the ink, put the plug back in! That's how simple inkjet refilling is with Inkproducts refillable cartridges!