CIS For Canon PIXMA IX6820 Printer

CIS For Canon PIXMA IX6820 Printer
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  • CIS-Continuous Ink Supply System For IX6820
  • Canon Printer That Uses The PGI 250, CLI 251 Cartridges
  • Easily detect low ink levels
  • Ink  tank has an isobaric air chamber to balance the proper air and ink supply to the printhead
  • New low profile auto-refill CIS cartridges.
  • COC Smart Chip technology™ that reduces over cleaning of the print head.
  •  Vacuum Syringes to remove air should you run the ink bottles empty.
  • Resetting of the ink monitor is simple and easy, no need to remove any cartridge with our built-in COC Smart Chip Technology™.
  • Complete with easy-to-follow instructions.
  • Included in all our systems are the accessories needed to successfully use the system.
  • All systems are pre-filled with Ultra Pro True Color Dye Ink. OEM Quality ink that will never clog the print head.

Important: Some modification is needed to allow hose Travel.  See detailed photo.


CIS For Canon PIXMA IP8720 Printer