Subli Quick Press Fabric A3

Subli Quick Press Fabric A3
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Subli Quick Press Paper A3

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  • Quick and Easy - Simply Print, Cut and Press
  • Same feel and look as DTF without the Hassle and  Expensive equipment 
  • Subli Quick Press A4
  • Size 11 3/4 X 16 1/2
  • Waterproof Printable Fabric
  • - Can be applied to all types of fabrics and colors - cotton, nylon, treated leather, polyester, 50/50
    - Better than Vinyl, Screen printing, DTG
    - Full colour + white
    - Great durability
  • Applicable Ink: Dye Sublimation Ink  
    Suitable for: Cotton, polyester, acrylic and similar fibers.
    Thickness: 210um (8.4mil)
Subli Film A4 HOT PEEL (Sublimation Transfer Film)
Subli Film A3 HOT PEEL (Sublimation Transfer Film)
Sublimation Adhesive Powder (White)